The Hindu, Chennai, INDIA, March 3, 2006
“It is obvious that Nitya Venkateswaran loves to dance. An Indian American from California, she exhibits confidence that lends a sheen to every movement and expression.”

“At a macro level, Nitya makes a striking picture of grace, dignity, good posture and good footwork...”

“That Nitya stands out in a crowd is proof enough of her aptitude.”

-Rupa Srikanth

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Voice of Dance, San Francisco, USA, June 2005
"To open Saturday, Nitya Venkateswaran, a specialist in the South Indian classical dance form, Bharatanatyam, offered Shiva Shakti, a purification solo dedicated to Shiva's consort. The erect postures, carefully placed fingers and meticulously bent legs bespoke mastery of craft..." 

-Allan Ulrich

In Dance, San Francisco, USA, March 2005
"Nitya displayed the traditionally prized qualities of a Bharatanatyam dancer, not the least of which was her witty self-possession on stage."

"Nitya's clean, crisp footwork easily accentuated the rhythms of the recorded ragas, particularly in the taxing varnam, a test of stamina for the dancer that can wear on the audience as well. However, her verbal introduction of the mimed dance movements- which took on the feeling almost of ASL simultaneous interpretation of the story - as well as Nitya's highly communicative facial expressions kept the thread and mood of the stories coherent." 

-Mary Ellen Hunt

The Hindu, Chennai, India, January 10, 2003
“Nitya Venkateswaran from California possesses an appealing blend of confidence and enthusiasm... Her short yet vibrant recital illustrated a keen involvement that was apparent in her good footwork, and keen rhythmic sense... Her perceptive portrayal in "Varugalamo" demonstrated a good sensitivity towards the protagonist and his pitiable condition” 

-Rupa Srikanth

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Dinamalar (translated), Chennai, INDIA January 2002
"Nitya's portrayal of Bhartiar's song Shiva Shakti was excellent. Her abhinaya showed that she understood the inner meaning and brought it out with feeling. Her ending poses are still in front of my eyes." 

Dinathanthi (translated), Chennai, INDIA, January 2002

"Only when she talks you know that Nitya is foreign - her Dance is pure unadulterated Bharatanatyam.", January 2005
Sold out solo performance at the ODC Theater

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