Upcoming Performances

Nitya performs primarily as a soloist in the San Francisco and Seattle areas and under the auspices of Shri Krupa Dance Company. In addition to the traditional two hour Bharatanatyam repertoire, she presents shorter performances at dance festivals and community events. She tailors each performance to suit the mood and character of the audience, while adding an educational component to each one of her performances.
Testimonial: If you have the chance to see Nitya Venkateswaran perform, please RUN -- do not walk – to do so. With beauty, grace and even some occasional high-spirited humor, Nitya dramatizes mythological stories of India through traditional Bharatanatyam dance, an engaging combination of footwork, hand gestures and facial expressions. Her wonderfully educational introductions to each dance, gives unfamiliar audiences the opportunity to fully enjoy the stories being told. Imagine my surprise when I suddenly realized that Nitya was not verbally telling me a story. Rather, by her introduction to the context of the story and the meaning of the movements, I could “hear” her tell me the story as she took me on a cultural journey though dance. - Cynthia del Rosario, Director of Office of Minority Recruitment and Retention, University of Washington, COE

Recent Festival and Community Performances

Ragamala's UTSAV Festival, Seattle, WA, October 10, 2010
Northwest Folklife Festival, Seattle, WA, May 31, 2010
ISIS Woman Arts Festival, Seattle, WA, May 1, 2010
Seattle World Rhythm Festival, Seattle, WA, April 23, 2010
Seattle Tamil Sangam, Seattle, WA, Nov 21, 2009
UW CultureFest, Seattle, WA, November 20, 2009
Northwest Folklife Festival, Seattle, WA, May 23, 2009
Seattle World Rhythm Festival, Seattle, WA, April 24, 2009
APA Heritage Street Fair, San Francisco, May 2008
Arudra Natyanjali Festival, Livermore, January 2008
APA Heritage Festival, Oakland, May 2007
Sunday Salon by CounterPULSE and Dancer's Group, San Francisco, March 2007
Ron Dellums Inaugural Celebration, Oakland, January 2007
Kearny Street Workshop's Apature, San Francisco, September 2006
Engineers Without Borders Fundraiser, San Francisco, September 2006
Ashkenaz, Berkeley, July 2005
Summer Celebration, International Diplomacy Council, Atherton, July 2005
Sequoias Senior Center, San Francisco, July 2005
San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, June 11 and 12, 2005, Palace of Fine Arts, USA
Translations, Asian American Dance Performances, San Francisco, June 2005
SAMEAPI Awareness Now!, Mills College, April 2005
APA Heritage Festival, Oakland Asian Cultural Center, April 2005
San Francisco Day School Fundraiser, San Francisco, April 2005
Tsunami Relief Benefit, San Mateo, February 2005
Performances by Asian American Women, Varnish Fine Art Gallery, San Francisco, November 2004

Solo Performances, USA
Summer Performance Festival, August 7 and 8, 2008, San Francisco CA
Legacy of Love- Solo Performance, June 3, 2007, Historic Hoover Theater, San Jose
Benefit for Amnesty International, June 11,2006, San Diego Repertory Theater, San Diego
Solo Dance Performance-South India Fine Arts Spring Festival, April 2, 2006, CET Theater, San Jose
Solo Dance Performance-Tsunami Relief Benefit, January 30, 2005, ODC Theater, San Francisco
TEJAS, The Divine Radiance, August 29, 2004, Mayer Theater, Santa Clara
Shri Krupa’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations Solo Performance, August 10, 2002, Cubberley Theater, Palo Alto
Mother Ganga, the River Immortal, February 4, 1994, Cubberley Theater, Palo Alto
Arangetram (Dance Debut), September 1985, Montgomery Theater, San Jose, CA
Solo Performances, India

Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts,“Kaatrinele Varum Geetham” A Tribute to MS Subbulakshmi, March 4, 2006, Delhi
Brahan Natyanjali Festival,  February 27, 2006, Thanjavur
Natyanjali Festival , February 26, 2006, Kumbakonam
Natyanjali Festival, February 21, 2006, Chennai
Shri Parthasarthy Swamy Sabha Dance Festival, February 6, 2006 Chennai
Bangalore Gayana Samaja, Kaatrinele Varum Geetham” A Tribute to MS Subbulakshmi, January 18, 2006 Bangalore
Kartik Fine Arts Dance Festival, January 9, 2006, Chennai
Hamsadhwani NRI Festival, December 18, 2005, Chennai
Mylapore Fine Arts , “Kaatrinele Varum Geetham”  A Tribute to MS Subbulakshmi December 12, 2005, Chennai
Naada Inbam, December 7, 2005, Chennai
Parthasarthy Swamy Dance Festival, January 16, 2003, Chennai
Nrithyashektra Silver Jubilee Celebration, January 5, 2003, Chennai
Nrithyashektra Silver Jubilee Celebration, January 3, 2003, Chennai
Hamsadhwani NRI Festival, December 23, 2002, Chennai
Nugumbakkam Cultural Academy Dance Festival, January 9, 2002, Chennai
Sri Thyga Brahma Gana Sabha Dance Festival, January 4, 2002, Chennai
Mylapore Fine Arts Dance Festival, January 2, 2002, Chennai
Kapali Fine Arts Dance Festival, December 6, 2001, Chennai

Shri Krupa Company Performances
Samarpanam II: The Next Generation, September 2010, San Jose
Kala Chakra, October 2004, San Jose
Navarasa Shiva Shakti, February 2001, Palo Alto
SUN, The Living Truth, August 2000, San Jose
Reflections: Dawn of the Millennium, January 2000, San Jose
Ganesha, September 1999, San Jose
Samarpanam, an Offering, January 1999, San Jose
Mother Ganga, the River Immortal, January 1998, Palo Alto
The Infinite and the Immortal, September 1996, San Jose
Peace Eternal:  Om Shanti, August 1995, San Jose
The Legend of Life and Love, July 1993, San Jose
Mukundam Maanasam, January 1993, San Jose
Poetic Visions of Glory, April 1992, Palo Alto